Because ‘Target’ Marketing is Something Your Grandpa Did.

And this is not your Grandpa’s digital marketing firm. The process of finding and hiring an attorney is changing has changed.  How are you adapting? Because, in case you haven’t heard, it’s no longer a matter of finding clients —they’re trying to find you. Right now

How are people looking for attorneys?

Are you making it easy for them?

If you’re of the mindset that “growing older” is the best form of attorney marketing …well … take some time to research these trends. Then grab a drink, light up a stogie or whatever and let it soak in for a moment. To the right, are just a few interesting results from recent reports on how people are finding attorneys these days.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg but still game-changing, nonetheless.


Interesting and Relevant Stats


Percentage of people who said they turn to internet first when looking for an attorney.1


Percentage of people who said they use a search engine when seeking legal advice.2


Percentage of users who said they prefer to base decisions on article content vs. advertisements.3


Percentage of the 84% above, who only contacted one attorney.4


Percentage of people who hired an attorney after making contact with at least one.4


The youngest, first and only age group set who say they trust an internet search (17.8%) over a referral from a friend (12.1%).5


The aggregate percentage of all online methods used by the above age group (19-24 yo) to find an attorney.5


Percentage of Millennials (18 -24 years-old) who stated they prefer “Google” when finding an attorney —not to be confused with the 17.8% who use the ‘internet’, instead.5

By Not Out-Spending Your Competition, but Out-Marketing Them.

Efficiency drives long-term effectiveness. Create efficiency, conserve budget and grow revenue by implementing a sustainable and integrated content strategy.

Are all of your marketing efforts integrated?

Take content production to whole new level with an integrated approach. 

Achieve bigger marketing goals, attract more qualified leads while spending 34% less your competitors.*

CM² Methodology is a unique content pillar approach, which maximizes and multiplies the output of your marketable assets while reducing production time, resources and costs. From the production of one CM² asset, the pillar, we can extract hundreds of derivative assets to effectively support each of your marketing initiatives. You will also be able to populate your entire editorial/blog calendar, grow your opt-in email list and schedule all social media posts — up to 12 months ahead.  And that is only the tip of the iceberg.


How much our average client would need to spend, per year, on PPC ads if they were to bid on the same keywords which continue to drive daily organic website visits — in many cases, years after the initial SEO investment.

With an Efficient, Effective and Sustainable Content Strategy

Maximize your budget, exponentiate your production and benefit from long-term, residual returns.

Traditional advertising experts will tell you that you should get back two dollars from every dollar you spend. Your marketing campaigns are engineered to deliver maximum residual returns on a finite investment. Our Content and SEO strategy will pave the way for a consistent stream of qualified leads. Plus —and you’ll love this — we continue to see lead momentum long after the implementation of initial lead nurturing workflows — even as long as 5 years later.

A few clients I've worked with

A quick note: while others may strive to increase the number of clients in their portfolio, I prefer to make lasting relationships with a small handful. Some clients have been with us for 7+ years, now —in fact, I like to think of them as partners, if not friends.

A letter to any attorneys out there who simply just do not have the time to figure all this shit out.

99 Problems but My Blog Ain’t One

Let’s face it. You’re busy. Are you going to be late for that deposition because you really need to follow back your recent Twitter followers? Or make another video? Or finalize the fourth and final draft of  “The Top Ten Reasons Our Law Firm is the Best” (or something like that)?

No. Marketing “priorities” often take a back seat, naturally, to important things. Things that earn you Money —or Benjamins, as Jay-Z would put it.

Yes, I know, it’s a conundrum. And I’ll avoid saying, “That’s why we’re here; to help you … ” because you’re being pitched on a daily basis by everyone with a laptop who decided to jump on the Attorney Marketing bandwagon. Well, we didn’t. Actually, the bandwagon was a paddywagon and there was no choice, but … I digress. Simply put, Practice Digital can provide top-notch, content based marketing, SEO, social and lead nurturing with an interesting “twist”.

Trust me. You love the twist.


Jason Rogers

Jason Rogers
Founder, Practice Digital LLC